Skipjack is the most popular tuna family member for canned food industries. It prefers to swim in the upper mixed layers of the ocean waters and it mostly found between 45o N and 40o S. It is highly migratory and can be found all over the world within tropical waters.
The meat of the skipjack is darker of colors, sometimes even slightly pinkish. It has a relatively tender texture and has somewhat more of a fishy taste than other tuna species.


Purse seiners are the most important and most effective vessels to catch aggregating species near the surface. Fish frozen at sea may be frozen whole, immediately after catching and when thawed on shore, can then be used in much the same way as fish traditionally preserved in ice. Alternatively, the fishing vessel can operate as a fish processing factory and the fish may then be packaged and frozen, and the waste products converted to fish meal and oil. The loss in quality as a result of freezing, cold storage and thawing is small when these treatments are properly applied. Thus, when very fresh fish are frozen at sea, the final product can be equal to the best on the market.

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